India Hangs Delhi Gang Rape Culprits

They say "It is better late than never", and that is what India did. After 8 years, they have hanged those who were responsible for Delhi Rape Case.

Rape, is something that is too common in third world countries. As torturous and immoral it is, rapists are seen as the worst of those amongst people. Not only because what they do is against the law, but it is against morals, ethics are every prevailing religion. It is against the will of every women who has to go through this, unwillingly. It won’t be wrong if rapists are are not called humans, because rape is not humane at all.

In India, a case of rape came forward back in 2012, when a girl was travelling with her friend in a bus, in Delhi. She was raped by 6 people in the most gruesome manner, and was left to die on the side of the road. Her friend, who was accompanying her, was also beaten when he tried to stop what was happening. The girl, Nirbhaya, passed away two weeks after the incident, succumbing to her injuries. However, the incident left whole world in shock. That was one moment, probably, when even Pakistan stood in solidarity with Nirbhaya and her family. Amongst those who were arrested, one took his own life in jail and one was freed after 3 years, as he was of 17 years of age and was arrested under Juvenile Law.


The rest of the four people involved in rape were hanged by India, today morning, before dawn. There were many people who waited outside the jail to celebrate this moment. “Today, justice has been done after seven years,” the victim’s mother told reporters outside the prison. “I salute Indian judiciary and thank God for hearing our prayers … my daughter’s soul can now rest in peace.”

We are glad this happened. And we expect the same punishment for all the rape cases in Pakistan.

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