Indonesia May Not Have Qualified But Is a Huge Part of World Cup 2022

East Java, Indonesia, is where Al Rihla, the official game ball for Qatar 2022, is being made, even though the Indonesian team didn't qualify for the Cup.

Despite the fact that Indonesia’s “boys in red” didn’t make it to the World Cup, a Java-based business is making a name for itself by producing the match ball for the competition.

PT Global Way is producing Al Rihla, the official football for Qatar 2022, in the East Java district of Madiun Regency. In accordance with the company website, the regional maker of athletic products launched its facility in 2019 and now employs over 2,000 people.

The official match ball, according to Madiun regent Ahmad Dawami, is a point of pride for the area and has given the local economy a much-needed boost since 2020.

Al Rihla, which in Arabic means “the path,” is being created in cooperation with Adidas. Additionally, PT Global Way collaborates with PUMA, UHLsport, and Mizuno to create sports gear that is sold all over the world.

As part of the World Cup festivities, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates will each receive one million commemorative footballs created at the plant in Indonesia, according to Dawami.

He said that thousands of young workers in Madiun Indonesia obtained jobs thanks to the plant and contracts for millions of footballs at a period when the economy was unstable due to issues like the COVID-19 outbreak and Russia’s incursion of Ukraine.

The Madiun economy gained 3.34 per cent between 2020 and 2021, per the Indonesian Bureau of Statistics, which Dawami attributes in part to the factory.

The export of footballs has been supported by Ministry of Foreing Affairs of Indonesia, which claims it allows the inhabitants of East Java a chance to “become part of the world’s economic resonance.”

According to official data, East Java contributes more than 15% of Indonesia’s gross domestic product (GDP), making it a well-known centre of business. Nevertheless, Dawami claimed that despite the fact that East Java has long been recognised for its large-scale businesses, including shipbuilding, paper milling, and cement production, the epidemic sparked concerns about an economic downturn and massive job losses.

Dawami, a fan of Liverpool, claimed that Madiun Regency is eager to partake in the frenzy and that watch parties have been planned amid Indonesia’s omission from the game so that locals can take in the matches.

Al Rihla is the 14th and current quickest and most precise World Cup ball, per FIFA. The panel pattern of the ball is modelled after a Dhow, a classic Arab boat. Its colour palette of blue, red, and yellow is designed to depict Qatar’s scenery.

The Al Rihla footballs also represent the first World Cup balls produced only using environmentally friendly water-based adhesive and ink.

Now all Indonesia’s national team needs to do is match the popularity of the nation’s sportswear in order to compete on the field at the 2026 World Cup in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Since becoming independent, Indonesia has not competed in the tournament; its lone appearance was in 1938 when it competed as the Dutch East Indies.

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