iPhone 13 Leaks Rumor Which May Upset The Customers

Apple's iPhone 13 launch is less than a week away and features leaks have gotten us excited however rumors have it that prices may increase.

We are just less than a week away from the launch of the iPhone 13 and recent rumors might upset the loyal customers of the Apple brand.

Although Apple’s iPhones are the best things since sliced bread, at least according to me the prices usually are not so thrilling. AND IT JUST GOT WORSE!

According to Nikkei Asia, Apple’s biggest chip supplier, TSMC, has decided to increase prices and this isn’t just a standard price increase but it’s the biggest one yet in 10 years. This revelation has hit smartphone manufacturers the most in terms of a spike in production prices.

TSMC was supposed to increase its prices in two parts, firstly the sub 7nm technologies prices were to increase by 5% and then the 20% increase for mature process technologies. Nikkei notes that TSMC charges around 20% production fee which is much higher than its competitors. But amid this terrible news for Apple and its users, iPhone 13 uses 5nm technology which will be much cheaper but still more expensive than previous phones.

It is likely that Apple might set higher prices for the upcoming series of iPhone 13 as well as the other previous ones. Apple is famous amongst its investors for the highest profit margins in the industry and its ability to maintain the highest throughout the years. However, this increase is making people question how much will the prices increase.

Around three weeks ago it was reported that Apple is not going to increase its price for the iPhone 13 range but TSMC’s price increase is bound to happen in January 2022. This makes the situation harder for Apple, as the company never changes its hone prices mid-cycle so the decision has to be made now, either increase the prices or keep it the same with a lower profit margin.

It is possible that Apple may increase prices if the pressure of the additional cost gets to the company. Knowing that Apple has the most loyal fan base and most Apple customers buy the devices using multi-year deals so the cost of buying for the customers is spread out.

Other iPhone 13 leaks have revealed the phone will potentially have quicker charging, massive camera upgrades, a new WiFi standard, improved 5G, 1 TB storage, bigger battery, MagSafe improvements, high refresh rate ProMotion displays, and few external design changes like a smaller notch.

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