Pakistani Fashion Brands You Need To Give A Try

Fast Fashion Brands have been getting all the hype in the past 2 decades. Here is a list of a few of the fast-fashion brands I love and are worth it.

Gone are the days when grandmothers and mothers used to keep unstitched and stitched clothes packed away for next year or to pass on to their daughters or granddaughters. Fast fashion brands are becoming popular meaning people are always ready to hop on from trend to trend.

In the past few years, fast fashion is becoming a go-to for more and more people and it fits with the fast life of people nowadays. Everyone reaches for fast fashion brands and I do the same because it’s easy to get and much cheaper.

International brands like Zara, Aldo, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret, and so on have been in for a long time and people still love them. Pakistan also has been getting into sustainable fast fashion trends since the start of the 2000s and now several Pakistani fast fashion brands are household names.

Being a fast fashion person myself I know it’s hard to find brands that will be trendy, have affordable prices, and are of good quality. So here is a list of brands you should look into.


Khaadi is the most famous fast-fashion brand in Pakistan. From Pret to Unstitched to Accessories. It is affordable than most fast fashion brands which are in the article and is always up-to-date with trends. Not only this but the designs of Khaadi clothing are liked by many fashion lovers.

Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed has been a household name for a very long time and it is still loved by many. Gul Ahmed has a range of contemporary collections for men, women, and kids. It not only focuses on eastern wear but also western wear with the collection named “Salt”.


Generation is another fast fashion brand that gives a flair of traditional touch in each design it releases. From ready-made Kurtis to two and three-piece suits and even sarees are in Generation’s collection with a touch of ethnic design in each. The brand also has other traditional pieces like parandas, khusas, and more. Not only that but western wear is also available and several of the pieces in this collection also have a traditional touch in them.


From unstitched to stitched and western to eastern, Beechtree has it all. This brand has colorful and unique pieces when it comes to designing but not only that it has several basic monochrome pieces which are very chic. Beechtree’s white collection is the most famous one. Beechtree has something for every kind of fashion lover.


Ego is a brand that has several colorful pieces and chic designs. Not only that but it is known for its monochrome 2 and 3 pieces. Its kid collection is also commendable as a lot of brands don’t focus on their kid’s collection however they are up to date on their kid’s collection as well.

Sana Safinaz 

Sana Safinaz is a brand that is on the pricey side of the fast fashion brands however their collections are always worth the money. The brand not only has a casual pret collection but also has a semi-formal and formal collection which is loved by many and can be seen on several people at Pakistani weddings. You can find pret and unstitched both here and they are always up to date with Pakistani fashion. Bridal pieces of Sana Safinaz are also infamous across Pakistan and can be customized according to the bride itself.

Anum Jung

Anum Jung is a newer brand compared to the others mentioned above. Anum Jung makes casual wear but mostly focuses on semi-formal and formal wear, perfect for weddings and formal dinners. It also has bridal wear with absolutely stunning designs. Its prices for formal and semi-formal wear are comparatively lower than other brands focus on these styles as well.

Cross Stitch 

Cross Stitch mostly focuses on and is known for trendy unstitched clothing which gives the customers control over the kind of style they want. It also has casual, semi-formal, and formal wear. They have an unstitched collection for both men and women and also have a ready-wear collection for women.


Although Sapphire may be more expensive than a few of the other brands on the list, them being the first ones to release collections to be the most up-to-date with the trends. It has collections for men, women, and kids along with trendy shoes and bag collections as well. Not only that but Sapphire came up with a cosmetic line as well.

There is a lot of competition between Pakistani fast Fashion although these might seem like a lot of brands, we aren’t even halfway through the list of all Pakistani fast fashion brands. There are several fast-fashion brands coming up with trendy clothes which are also very affordable. In the end, we know the hype dies down around any venture until they keep up with their quality and brand name. Sustainable clothing may be cheap and easy but finding good quality cloth and finishing worth the price is very hard but you can not go wrong with the brands mentioned above.

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