Is Karachi Police Really Involved in Crime?

There have been many incidents in Karachi, reported and unreported, where Karachi Police misbehaved with the citizens, but something has changed now.


Karachi Police works day and night, with wages less than their expectations. They have a job that many of us might even fear thinking of. Catching criminals, interrogation, providing security and what not, with an income less than 20,000rs and above all their very own life is at stake 24/7. But in every line of work, where there are good people, there are bad people too. Sadly, in our Police force,an excessive amount of Police Wardens and Police Officers weren’t fulfilling their duty honestly.

An incident took place on 12th March 2019, at Sea View, Karachi, where a policemen on bike started questioning a couple and demanded money at gunpoint. The man, started recording a video, which somehow made the ‘policeman’ furious, after which he manhandled the women while trying to snatch the phone from man’s hand. Such incidents have happened before too, but what has changed now? These policemen, 4 in total, were arrested on the orders of higher Police Officials, who said this was a gang who used to rob couples in similar way.


Since the new Karachi Police Chief, Dr. Ameer Shaikh came into authority, the police department became quite honest with its work, giving justice to people regardless of the profession the culprit belongs to. We, at Runway, would like to thank Dr. Ameer Shaikh for his commitment and honesty towards his profession and his honesty for the people of Karachi.