Is Netflix Original ‘She’ Worth a Watch?

'She' is a Netflix Original series created by Imtiaz Ali telling a story of a female constable who gets recruited for an undercover mission.

The Netflix Original, ‘She’ is just like any other movie or series that focuses on women finding empowerment through their sexuality. Here’s the crux of the whole series in a few lines. If you’re not fond of spoilers then you may skip this one. Also, my overall verdict is quite different from what others are saying on the internet which I have found quite shocking, to say the least.

This series tells a story of a female constable working at a police station where all her male colleagues look down upon her. Bhumi, played by Aaditi Pohankar, lives with her ill mother and spoilt yet cunning sister in a house that can barely shelter three people. Out of nowhere, she receives a call from the headquarters to join a special undercover mission. You must be wondering, how did that happen? Well, her to-be boss Jason Fernandez, played by Vishwas Kini, recruits her because she caught her attention one day.

Moving forward, she gets recruited to the team after only two days of training. Her only job is to trap the target and that’s all! Even before she is ready, Bhumi gets pushed into the field with no prior experience of working undercover. She goes undercover as a prostitute to take down a drug dealer and his operation. Bhumi ensnares the dealer along with the audience as she does justice to her new identity and character and almost becomes a totally different person.

Bhumi definitely hates the job at first and is scarred by her first encounter. However, she somehow finds courage and accepts her sexuality through this mission. She doesn’t want to go back to her old job and carries on with the mission to bring down this huge drug lord and bust his operation, and this slowly builds her confidence as she sees herself through a different perspective.

My Verdict

What I didn’t like about the whole series is that I felt like the writers and directors are trying to portray that a woman only feels beautiful if she channels her sexuality and feels confident in showing it off. There are many scenes where it’s evident that Bhumi envies her sister, Rupa, who isn’t afraid to show off her body and that also gets her a companionship of a man. Bhumi, on the other hand, had a troubled marriage and in the process of getting her divorce. She feels confident once she’s more aware of her body and admires her features, which is how it should be, but the way it’s being portrayed in this series defeats the purpose.

Yes, everyone should feel confident in their own body but women shouldn’t be portrayed as an object of sex and pleasure only. In this Netflix Original, I think the message somehow didn’t get delivered properly and I felt lost midway.

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