Rizq Raises Funds to Supply Rations with STW

Rizq has teamed up with Spread the Word (STW) to tackle the lock down hunger crisis by raising funds to supply rations to the underprivileged in Lahore.

Rizq has teamed up with Spread the Word to tackle the potential hunger crisis that is rising up due to COVID-19, by raising funds to supply rations to the impoverished.

Our daily wagers and low-income families are facing the brunt of the lock down, and while it may be necessary for social distancing, it doesn’t mean that they should suffer for it. PM Khan had announced Rs. 3,000/month for each daily wager, and Ehsaas announced that low income families will receive Rs. 12,000.

Spread the Word – partners of Rizq – stated, “We are currently in the process of assembling packs of ration and hygiene products which will later be distributed in underprivileged and vulnerable communities of Lahore. One pack of supplies is tailored to meet the needs of one family (6 individuals) for 3 months. You can help us today by sponsoring one pack with Rs 3500.”

They have also shared their details for collecting the funds:

STW Details Funds


Rizq: Who are they?

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Rizq is an organisation based in Lahore whose main goal is to work against the hunger crisis. They offer 4 services:

  • Rizq Bachao

Rizq takes any excess food you may have left to their RizqBanks, where they repackage it for distributions amongst the impoverished. The donors are informed of the progress of their donations.

  • Rizq School Lunch

Rizq keeps certain underprivileged government and private schools under their portfolio to provide children with nutritional food. They conduct surveys to find the children’s nutritional deficiencies to provide tailor made food. Donors are provided with the progress reports of when the school lunches are distributed.

  • Rizq Ration

They establish RizqBanks in underprivileged communities, so that families who are in need of food can register with them to receive rations for 3 months. These cases are verified by their team. The donors receive pictures and are notified of when their rations are supplied to the people.

  • Rizq Daig

Donors order a daig to be distributed amongst the needy through Rizq’s website. These daigs are then delivered to the food banks so that the targeted communities receive food. Donors are kept informed about the progress.

Learn more about them here.

Spread the Word (STW) – Who are they?

Spread the Word executes human development projects to empower communities, with a bottom-up approach and focusing on women empowerment. Strategies include field research, focus groups and awareness camps.

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One example of their projects is EmpowHer.

In 2017, team STW worked on a project named EmpowHer. EmpowHer was based on a program of empowering women with sustainable sources of earning; in so, financial independence was viewed and valued as an important aspect of women empowerment. Around 50 women—including single mothers, victims of domestic violence seeking economic security to escape abusive marriages, domestic helpers seeking to sustain financial independence—were provided with sewing kits to start tailoring businesses.

You can learn about Spread the Word here.

In these times of need, we need to provide what we can for those in need. It is a time for chaos and let’s be there for each other by promote social distancing and providing for those who are not able to afford this lock down. Rizq and Spread the Word’s project for raising funds to supply rations is just one way to tackle this issue.


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