Is Social Media Influencing Polio Drive?

Many people in Pakistan believe on what they see on their social media, especially Facebook. And that became a hindrance for the Polio Drives across the country.

Social media has it’s unseen influence on the people, all around the globe. What people see, people tend to believe that thing, consciously or unconsciously. And that leads to change of opinions about several things. When it comes to Pakistanis, those who lack knowledge believe on everything on Facebook. Or even on the videos and write-ups circulating on the WhatsApp groups. They believe on everything. And that is what happened with the Polio Drives across the country. Initially, there was this one set of mind, which opposed Polio vaccination. They had their ‘religious’ reason attached to it.

But then, people switched to social media and started posting different things there. Till 2018 there were only 12 cases of Polio. This number went down with much efforts, throughout the country. Nevertheless, in 2019, after different videos circulated the internet, the number of Polio patients went up to 136. Why? Because people believed a hoax that Polio drops were killing children all across the country. And well, that obviously led to parents having second opinions about vaccinating their kids with these drops.

Child showing he is vaccinated

All in all, Pakistan officials have brought down many such videos from Facebook, that might make people astray over Polio. Facebook, moreover, has been helping Pakistan, when it comes to such videos. We stand behind the national and global efforts to create a polio-free world and will continue to support these efforts,” Rafael Frankel, a Facebook regional director.

We hope that Pakistan gets rid of Polio, as soon as possible. And such videos be banned on Facebook, so that no other child can be a victim of this hoax.

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