Pakistan YouTuber’s Cup And Why You Must Go

The Pakistani YouTube community has grown exponentially and now many of these renowned YouTubers are coming together for an evening of excitement.

Karachi is home to some of the most exciting and thrilling events in the country. The beginning of the new year means that there are many events happening this year to look forward to. One such event to be excited for is the Pakistan YouTubers Cup 2020.

The YouTube community has grown considerably in the last number of years. YouTube has become a more prominent platform in the country by which the common man is able to express themselves and showcase their talent. It has also been a way for many to garner fame and stardom.

The event helps bring all the prominent YouTubers under one stadium for an evening of excitement and thrill. The cricket match will take place on the 25th of January at the Asghar Ali Cricket Stadium. It’s main partner associates are Pioneer Cables and Partner Tellotalk (Communication Partner).

You can get your tickets to the event at Yayvo Tickets. (Source: Facebook/ Pakistan YouTuber’s Cup)


It is also a means through which the public can meet their favourite YouTubers and enjoy an amazing evening filled with excitement and laughter. The event promises to be filled with fun and has many prominent YouTube content makers taking part.

One such YouTuber is Nadir Ali (who goes by his more popular alias P4 Pakao). The YouTuber has gained massive stardom status through his many hilarious videos that are sure to bring a smile on one’s face. Other more prominent and hilarious YouTube content makers include Karachi Vynz and Bekaar Films who are known for producing funny and entertaining content.

The idiotz are another well renowned set of YouTubers who are making headlines with their hilarious sketches and short films. Junaid Akram has also joined the long list of names that are taking part in the competition. He is highly well known for his podcasts that cover a whole range of topics ranging from cricket to politics.

The event is quite historical as it is the first time that such an event is happening. It is also highly monumental as it creates a platform by which these YouTube content makers can promote themselves and thus further enhance their fan base. The event has many stalls that cater to the diverse public that would be attending the event. There is also a separate area for kids to play.

The event will feature other prominent YouTubers who will be divided into eight different teams. These teams are; Pioneer Cable’s Junaid Swaggers,The Idiotz 11, Tellotalk’s Mooroo Funters, SAC Bearded Oil Bekaar 11, Pakao 11, Karachi Vynz Paltan, Khuljee Tigers and’s The Great Team.

The eight teams taking part in the event. (Source: Facebook/ Pakistan YouTuber’s Cup)


The event has all the elements to make it an exciting and fun filled event. If you are a fan of these YouTubers, then you must certainly go out of your way to attend the event.

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