Should US Troops Actually Stay in Afghanistan?

Shah Mahmood Qureshi, while on tour to different countries, told in Washington that the US troops should stay in Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, has been visiting different countries. He is moving around as to diffuse tensions in the Middle East. In his tour, on Thursday, he talked about the Kashmir Issue in UN Security Council. On Friday, in a meeting at Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, he also discussed about Afghanistan. According to SMQ, Pakistan can let alone not deal with Afghanistan. “Peace in Afghanistan is ultimately a shared responsibility and Pakistan […] alone cannot do all that is needed”.

To be very honest, Pakistan, just like Afghanistan, has been a victim of US droning. From the start of Global War on Terror, both the countries, along with Iraq have been victim of America’s War on Terror. Although, SMQ wants US to stay in Afghanistan for peaceful purposes, but will it stay that way? I doubt. Since 2001, US has made Afghanistan one of it’s military zone. The reconciliation with Taliban have not come to any result yet. Where there have been various meetings, either Trump backs out, or so does the Taliban Leader.

SMQ, however, also looks forward to end of war. And seeks US’s stay to build Afghanistan. “They should remain engaged — not to fight, but to rebuild.” Well, it is easy said then done. US would only be clearing up their own created mess, if it tries to ‘rebuild’ Afghanistan. Hysterically, Pakistan needs US as much as Afghanistan. The repercussions of GWOT has been seen on both the countries, to which US owes.

Nevertheless, the meetings between US Representatives and Shah Mahmood Qureshi seems to be more of that between two knowledgeable people. Whatever might be the future of Afghanistan, it is good to have educated people in the Pakistan Government at least.

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