Islamabad Zoo to Go Under Transformation

Ever since the closure of Islamabad zoo, and the movement of its animals to wildlife sanctuaries- the government has announced to upgrade the vicinity.

As the Islamabad zoo shut down earlier this year due to its incapacity to look after the animals, and with most of the animals being shifted to wildlife sanctuaries, like the famous Kaavan The Elephant who reached Cambodia on Monday, the government has decided to upgrade the vicinity as per international standards.

“Though it’s a deeply sad moment for us to see the elephant leaving us amid heart-wrenching feelings of separation, we are sure about it being the right step to retire Kaavan after spending over three decades in captivity,” he said, hoping that the pachyderm will live a happier and healthier life with creatures of his kind in the new place.
“We will surely be glad to see Kaavan happy in Cambodia and it is hoped he would find a partner too very soon,” he said.

The Advisor to Prime Minister on Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam, announced this on Monday. Aslam said that his ministry is working to improve the conditions of the zoos and they shall begin with the Islamabad zoo. This would include transforming them into such facilities that would encourage greater interaction with the wildlife and help people understand wildlife behavior more closely, according to him.

“We are offering to upgrade zoos, train the staff and help bring improvements in the infrastructure,” he added. Moreover, he assures that the zoos will be up to international standards and create opportunities to raise environmental awareness amongst the visitors. He believes that previous governments were to blame for Kaavan. “We are going to completely overhaul the Islamabad zoo,” he said, adding that animals will have more space to roam in their enclosures.

The advisor further mentioned that zoos all over the country required improvement and needed to adapt to the latest technologies. They say that a new plan will be developed with the help of international consultants to transform the Islamabad zoo into a safari experience featuring indigenous species, serving as a place of joy and education for all.

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