Israel Allows West Bank Settler Homes After Gulf Deals

As Israel moves forward into making peace with the UAE and Bahrain, they have sanctioned the building of homes for West Bank settlers.

After the peace negotiations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, Israel terminated any or all plans to annex the West Bank, and within a month or so came in the news of approval for homes.

NGO Peace Now has been saying that over 2000 homes in the West Bank are to be approved on Thursday, the report further says this decision by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will hopefully blow over the Palestinian state-hood problem and hopefully, peace between Israel and Arab will become more widespread.

“Netanyahu is moving ahead at full steam toward solidifying the de facto annexation of the West Bank,” it said in a statement ahead of Wednesday’s decisions. However, the neighboring country, Jordan is against the creation of homes as they say that it is both unilateral and illegal.

Similarly, the Palestinian presidential spokesperson, Nabil Abu Rudeina, said that Israel was simply taking advantage of the newly built relations with the Gulf and relying heavily on Trump’s and the USA’s support. As US President, Donald Trump views the peace treaty between the Gulf as the way to peace in the Middle East.

Even though, USA had suggested the annexation of large chunks of the West Bank, that idea was delayed due to the normalization of relations with the Arab countries. The two Gulf countries agreed to normalize relations based on stopping annexation and providing homes in the West Bank area.

UAE and Bahrain are known as the third and fourth Arab states to normalize their relations with Israel, after Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994. Prime Minister, Netanyahu says that he sees other states following in the future.

Their normalization of relations led to Palestinian resentment for the Arab states as they condemned the Gulf deals and quit the Arabs of League saying that the states failed to take a stand for Palestine. Due to this, the Arab league’s resolution was made a precondition to normalizing ties with Israel.

The latest settlement plans announce that over 4000 homes in the West Bank were on the agenda at a session of the top planning committee of Israel’s Civil Administration, the defense ministry body which oversees civil affairs in the occupied West Bank.

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