NASA Astronauts Respond to Karachi Grade 4 Pupils

Science students of grade four, sent a letter to NASA asking them questions after being encouraged by their teacher & surprisingly got a response!

Earlier this week, as a fourth-grade science teacher, Aimun Faisal was teaching her students about the Outerspace, she encouraged them to expand their horizons by reaching out to NASA and ask them to address their queries.

Students of The Cornerstone School in Karachi drafted a letter to NASA and their teacher took to her Twitter to share it and tagged NASA and related accounts to divert attention towards it.

The letter contained a question from each of the 6 students and a message that read, “Dear NASA, we are students of grade 4 in The Cornerstone School in Karachi, Pakistan. We read all about you in our books and are fascinated by your adventures in space. We really admire your work and we have some questions for you, please reply when you have time.”

Soon the original tweet began to receive social media attention as users began to retweet it and tag astronauts. The hashtag: #Grade4HasQuestions started to circulate over Twitter. The tweet first caught the attention of Canadian Astronaut, Chris Hadfield who responded to Mahrukh’s question about how it feels to be blasted off in a space shuttle. He also responded to Rayyan’s question regarding whether they fear that they might get lost.

Female Astronaut, Emily Calandrelli who is also an Emmy-nominated Host responded to the questions of Alisha, Minahil, Anabiya and Haniyah.

Moreover, the German Aerospace Centre also responded to the questions of the students. The responses came from a planetary geologist and an aerospace engineer.

NASA has also invited the students to come and visit once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Twitter users sent messages and tweets of appreciation to Aimun for her dedication towards her students and for spreading such positivity and warmth on the Pakistani timeline. Users are also eager to see recorded reactions when they find out that astronauts have responded to their questions.

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