Jalila Haider Arrested at Lahore Airport

Jalila Haider, a Human Rights Activist, was detained at Lahore Airport by FIA because her name was in the Exit Control List.

In Pakistan, there is no freedom of speech. Although, this is a progressive country, but people are not allowed to speak freely against the governing body. And not only the governing body, but apparently, one can’t even speak up for their rights in Pakistan. When they do, they are either opposed by the government and arrested or detained in the country. And this is what has happened with Jalila Haider today, at Lahore.

Hazara is an ethnicity in Pakistan, which has been on the target for long. They have been targeted and killed, they have been bombed by suicide bombers and what not. Jalila, who herself belongs to Hazara, has always raised voice for them. After four consecutive attacks on the Hazara community, Jalila protested in front Quetta Press Club. She went for a 5 days hunger strike too. Jalila has done her masters in IR and is moreover, currently enrolled in Law.

Jalila was detained at Lahore Airport by FIA on Monday. The reason is yet unknown. But according to some sources, it was because of her anti-state activities. Nevertheless, it is quite unclear what anti-state actions did she ever take. Because all she did was, fight for her rights. As soon as the news spread out, everyone brought in their views at the social media.

Activist Jibran Nasir had something to say too.

Jalila Haider was anyhow, released by the agency. However, it is unclear weather her documents have been returned to her or not. Another activist, Ammar Ali Jan reported about her release.

However, lets see what happens next here.

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