Why You Should All Give Kanteen A Visit

Since commencing operation, Kanteen has made its mark on the market as one of the best Pakistani places in town. This article helps support that claim.

There is no denying that the taste of Pakistani food is like no other. There are a huge array of restaurants serving some of the best Pakistani food around. However, one joint has been grabbing loads of attention for its delicious food. The place is called Kanteen.

The place was opened not to long ago by the same owners who brought us the highly popular clothing brand Khaadi. The restaurant has garnered loads of attention for its amazing food. There delicious array of Pakistani food makes it one of the best desi restaurants around.

Kanteen serves some of the tastiest keema dishes in town. (Source: Facebook/ Kanteen)


The restaurant is located at Bilawal Chowrangi and runs from twelve in the afternoon to twelve at night. The restaurant is heavily crowded during dinner hours so getting a table without any reservations can be time consuming.

In terms of the ambiance, the place is quite eloquently furnished. The restaurant is divided into two sections, a smoking section and non smoking section. The smoking section is surrounded by plants, thereby helping add a touch of greenery to the place.

Another one of their hot sellers is their Tawa Seekh. (Source: Facebook/ Kanteen)


In terms of food, they have a wide variety food options to choose from. In terms of starters, they offer some of the best dynamite prawns around. Their crunchy and sweet/tangy taste makes it one of the best dynamite prawns in town. The only ones that comes close to it is Miyako’s own dynamite prawns.

In terms of their main dishes, one of their best sellers is their highly delicious butter chicken. The hot curry dish is best had with naan/chapati, which is served with the dish itself. If your a huge fan of butter chicken, then you must certainly try this dish. It is perhaps one of the best butter chicken curry that you could ever have in the city.

Kanteen also serves some street style Bun Kebabs. (Source: Facebook/ Kanteen)


Another dish to try out is their daal chawal. The daal is served with rice, fried bhindi, potato cutlets, shami kabab, raita, chutney and papadum. It is highly scrumptious and is enough to satisfy two people. It is highly recommended that if your visiting this place, then you should definitely order this dish.

In conclusion, Kanteen has set the mark for serving some of the best Pakistani dishes in the city. If your a hardcore lover of Pakistani food, then you must certainly give Kanteen a shot.

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