Conor vs Cerrone Happening Tomorrow

It is the big day tomorrow for all the UFC lovers out there. It is Cowboy Cerrone vs Conor McGregor. Which player are you supporting?

For every UFC enthusiast, the upcoming Conor McGregor vs Cowboy Cerrone fight is really exciting. Such fights do come up once or twice, annually. But when they do, the world goes crazy after it. And that is what has been happening since the last few days. When the dates were announced, the fans couldn’t wait for this fight. And after the first press conference and face-offs, well things seem quite different to people this time.

Conor MGregor:

Conor McGregor ages 31 and is 1.75m high. The fighter belongs to Dublin and started his career in 2007. In 2013, he fought his first fight against Marcus Brimage. And he won his debut fight. Since then, he has been fighting once or twice in every couple of years. He has also defeated Jose Aldo in a fight in 13 seconds to be exact. He has won 21 matches and has lost 4, all by submission. He also had a bpxing match with Floyd Mayweather Jr., but lost the match. He would be fighting Cerrone in the Welterweight division at 70.3 Kg.

Cowboy Cerrone:

Born in Denver, Colorado, Donald ‘Cowboy, Cerrone is 36 years old and is 1.85m high. He won his first fight but was tested positive for drugs. He then fought further fights and won his first against Cruz Chacon in 2006. As of total, Cowboy has won 36 fights and has lost 13, mostly by either knowckout or decision. He, too, fought one boxing match against Geoffrey Spruiell and lost it. He would be fighting McGregor in the Welterweight division at 70.3 Kg.

McGregor has been quite humble throughout the entire event up till now, which doesn’t seems like him. Is is the loss against Khabib or the fear to lose again, that is yet unknown. This is going to an interesting fight, so whom do you support?