Increasing Forced Conversions in Sindh

These forced conversions mainly involve young and underage girls who are forcibly converted and are married off to Muslim men. When will the government take strict actions?

Forced conversions in Pakistan, especially Sindh, have not been looked after by the government. Many cases have surfaced the internet and made headlines regarding forced conversions. These conversions mainly involve young and underage girls who are forced to convert and are married off to Muslim men. Child marriages are already considered as normal in those areas but forcing them to convert and then getting them married is the worst.

The rights of minorities need to be protected in order to control this issue. A few months ago, a video went viral of two girls named Reena & Raveena. They claimed that they were not forced into converting. However, their family had a contradicting opinion. Their family protested and said they both had been abducted. It’s been quite a while and the case has died down. The point is, how many more forced conversions will it take for the government to take any action?

Too often, the people in charge of investigation casually brush off such matter by saying that it was their will. They choose to ignore serious matters that they consider mere family disputes that should be solved behind closed doors. These are very sensitive issues and need to be dealt with utmost care, but there need to be some strict actions taken against perpetrators. There are many cases that are not reported and go unnoticed.

There has been some progress regarding this matter as a parliamentary committee meeting was held on Friday. Senator Kakar said:

“The most complicated part of the situation is that — what is considered as forced conversion by the aggrieved community is considered wilful conversion by religious groups”

PTI lawmaker says his bill on protection of religious minorities pending in NA. However, the committee has come to a conclusion that involves the suggestion of a decision within six months and holding meetings with every province to yield fruitful results on forced conversions.

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