Shoop Noodles: Trust Tou Must Hai Ad Review

Shoop noodles by Shan have launched a new campaign by the name 'Trust tou Must hai' and I must say that I'm impressed by their recent ad. Read more to find out why!

Shoop noodles by Shan are relatively new in the market. They haven’t around for long but I have tried them and surprisingly; they taste amazing. I might be saying this because I love instant noodles because they’re just so easy to make and I can sort of customize it according to my taste too. At first, I was quite reluctant to try them out because I’m very picky with my food but I wasn’t disappointed.

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Posted by Shoop Noodles on Friday, January 17, 2020

This article isn’t going to describe how amazing shoop noodles taste but more about how they advertise. I really like the fact that they try to bring in something new every time. I mean that they have quite interesting campaigns and I really like them.

I recently stumbled upon their new advertisement while scrolling through YouTube. I won’t lie, I’m a huge fan of YouTube and I watch a lot of videos, like a lot. So, that’s how I found out about shoop’s video. The campaign is called ‘Trust tou Must hai’. They have a series of videos in this campaign. I’m assuming that there will be more videos. For now, they have released two videos and I personally love the concept of the recent one.

Have a look at the ad:

I think it’s a great ad. You may disagree but in my perspective, it’s a good one. We need to show that women are strong and that they can do anything. I’ve seen many women fix their own cars so why can’t they help someone out? We’ve always seen dramas portray women as the weaker gender and dependent on the man of the house. Hence, this one seems like a breath of fresh air in the TV world filled with toxic masculinity.

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