Jardin Redefines Fine Dining in Karachi

Jardin is a fine dining restaurant with a very minimal exterior and a pretty interior. Located at Phase 6, this might be your next go-to place!

Karachi has seen many restaurants open up in the recent years. There has been a revolutionary upgrade in eateries and also in the taste buds of people. The customers have become more aware of what they want and they can tell whether it’s good. That’s mainly why restaurant owners are trying to bring new and innovative dishes to the menu. Jardin has also recently opened up.

It’s located in Phase 6 and the exterior looks very bright and welcoming. Gone are the days when people used to like dimly lit and dingy places to chill, it’s all about Instagramming the food you’re ordering now. The royal blue cushion chairs with metal detailing made it look more fancy and bougie. The chairs are something different and that’s what I liked about it. Apart from the furniture, the whole interior designing and the decor is very mesmerizing and gives and elegant feel. The French style windows added a touch of beauty and looked antique.

Now if we talk about food, we ordered appetizers, mains, desserts and drinks to try out. Here’s what I thought about every dish

Stuffed Egg Plant

I generally do not go out of my comfort zone and that means I’m very reluctant to try out new foods. But this time, I went with whatever the manager recommended us for the appetizer and it was stuffed eggplants. By just looking at the name, any layman would think that it’ll be eggplants stuffed with something but it was totally different. The waiter brought our appetizer in a flat platter that had a hollowed-out center which had the filling and eggplant slices on top. Some greens and olive oil was drizzled for garnish. As I mentioned, I’m a very picky eater, but I really liked it. The filling had different veggies chopped up and mixed in a sauce that complimented the eggplant. Overall, I really liked this one and it was better than I expected.

We ordered Alfredo Pasta, Tangy Chicken, Parmesan Crusted Chicken and Mushroom Chicken, which wasn’t on their menu but they were very accommodating. This is what we chose for our mains.

Alfredo Pasta

Alfredo Pasta usually has Fettucine but the one at Jardin had penne. I’m a pasta lover, I can eat it all day. I wasn’t disappointed with it because it looked very appetizing. The plating was nice and it made me feel like the serving was too much. I instantly fell in love with the pasta after taking a bite. The first bite was enough for me to just finish the whole dish. The pasta was cooked to perfection, just like how it should be. Alfredo sauce was neither too runny nor too thick and the ample amount of sauce was what I loved too. Overall, this was amazing and I loved every bit of it.

Tangy Chicken

The next dish I tried was called Tangy Chicken. It had grilled chicken breasts with a sauce, veggies and garlic rice. The quantity was good as it was very filling for someone with a moderate appetite. The sauce was very rich, creamy, and spicy. For someone who loves spicy food, this is a very good option, as it has the right amount of heat to tingle your tastebuds. The chicken was juicy and tender; the sauce poured on top made it taste even better. The veggies on the side were well cooked too and complimented the dish.

Jardin Tangy Chicken - Runway Pakistan

Mushroom Chicken

Jardin doesn’t have only Mushroom Chicken in their menu, but the manager over there was nice enough to fulfill our request. This one was made for us especially because we requested it. This just made me fall in love with the place even more. This dish has grilled chicken breasts just like the previous dish and topped off with a luscious white sauce. There were veggies and white rice on the side, which were also requested. I really enjoyed having this one because it tasted amazing.

Jardin Mushroom Chicken - Runway Pakistan

Parmesan Chicken

I am a die-hard cheese lover. I can eat cheese with anything and would be as happy as a kid getting candies. I’ve had this dish at almost every restaurant that serves it and it’s something that I cannot stop loving. This one was extra cheesy and the crusted coating was scrumptious. Chicken was cooked perfectly. It was served with mashed potatoes and an extra sauce which had cheese. They all went really well together and made me feel like I’m in some cheese heaven.

Jardin Parmesan Chicken - Runway Pakistan

For drinks, Jardin had many options and it was hard to choose. We ordered the following ones:

Kiwi Mojito

The kiwi mojito was very refreshing. It had mint crushed up and kiwi slices as well. This one was everyone’s favorite and turned out to be the winner.

Kiwi Mojito - Runway Pakistan

Peach Margarita

Peach Margarita was amazing too. It was very sweet and more like a slush. If anyone likes sweet drinks, then they would really love this one. It was a good one to have with your meal as it made the food even better.

Jardin Peach Margarita - Runway Pakistan

In a nutshell, I’d say that Jardin treated us very well. The staff, the place, and the food, they all were amazing and that’s why our experience was matchless. I’d definitely recommend it to everyone because I’m sure everyone will have a time of their lives.

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