Khaadi Includes Plus-Size Model in its Latest Campaign

In its latest campaign, Now or Never, Khaadi has taken a step towards inclusivity of all body types by featuring plus-size model, Bihamaal Zurqa.

It is not often you see inclusivity in the fashion industry of Pakistan. However, in a first, Khaadi has taken a step in the right direction by featuring a plus-size model Bihamaal Zurqa- better known to the social media world as baemisaal– in its latest campaign, Now or Never.









A noteworthy move by Khaadi is that they didn’t create a separate campaign for plus-size pieces only, instead, they widened the sizing options in their current lines — which now range from six to 18.

Although fashion industries across the world are being more inclusive by featuring women of colour, plus-size models and others who deter from the outdated conventions of the modelling industry, Pakistan however, is yet to fully accept diversity. Nonetheless, Khaadi naturally received a lot of appreciation for taking this trailblazing initiative which hopefully will bring about a movement with future campaigns in the industry.

Khaadi Includes Plus-Size Model in its Latest Campaign - Runway Pakistan

Khaadi isn’t the first brand to feature plus-size models in Pakistan, however, it is one of the few high-end brands in the country to do so- and hopefully will not be the last.

By its nature, fashion always reaches for extremes. Consequently, it has politicised, weaponised and fetishised ‘fat’ by promoted lean figures as the ‘standard’ and the benchmark of what is appeasing, or desirable to the public and industry watchdogs.

Despite the dramatic evolution of Pakistan’s fashion industry, the concepts of body-size diversification, inclusivity, body positivity and plus-size models continue to remain foreign to the general public. Although the fashion industry is attempting to be inclusive as Khaadi has with the Now or Never campaign, there are still miles to go, especially when dealing with plus-size models on the runways and expanding size options on racks.

Khaadi Includes Plus-Size Model in its Latest Campaign - Runway Pakistan

Khaadi owner and founder Shamoon Sultan spoke about all the work that needed to be put into creating the final product that reaches the public.

“It doesn’t matter what people tell me because I’m always second-guessing myself. My team and I discuss everything at length and, when something does well, it only challenges me to figure out how I can do it even better next time.”

Khaadi Includes Plus-Size Model in its Latest Campaign - Runway Pakistan

Artist Baemisaal is a total powerhouse who has consistently adopted an approach to fashion that does not conform to the ‘standards’ in the Pakistani fashion industry. She has never confined herself within what others dictate is ‘acceptable’ or fashionable. Using her artistry, Baemisaal explores fashion and beauty through mediums such as her personally designed jewellery and make-up. Using her platform, Bihamaal Zurqa constantly creates awareness, promotes inclusivity and disrupts what style can be as a Pakistani.

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