KKW Beauty’s New Collection Launching This Friday

Kim Kardashian is launching her new collection and it's the perfect nude collection for this summer.

Kim Kardashian West has been a fashion icon in the fashion industry since she started appearing with Paris Hilton. As time passed, she started to gain more and more fame due to her astonishing looks and her jaw dropping hourglass body shape that many people find attractive.

She received limelight when she appeared in her own reality TV show, along with her whole family, named ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’. She paired up with a makeup artist Mario who did her makeup flawlessly and ever since then both of them have worked together and Kim has hired him as her official MUA. Many people look up to her and idolize her because of her iconic looks.


Kim has launched her own makeup brand almost two years ago and it has been doing really well as many beauty gurus and youtubers have praised her for her quality products. She initially came out with her contouring and highlighting sticks because she wanted people to achieve hassle free contoured makeup looks.

KKW beauty is launching a new collection with the name Mrs. West which has products for lips, eyes and the face and can be both separately as well as in a bundle. The whole collection gives out a summery vibes and has nude peachy pink tones. Kim has been posting about it on her social media where she mentions the launch date which is this Friday, 24th of May at 12 PM PST.