Kumail Nanjiani Teaches Urdu Slang To Hollywood

Kumail Learns A little Spanish And Teaches Urdu Slang

Pakistani – American comedian Kumail Nanjiani slayed in an episode of ‘slang school’ for Vanity Fair. His co-star, Natalie Morales from their upcoming movie, Stuber and exchanged cultural slang with each other. Kumail taught Natalie a little bit of our Urdu slang while she gave him some Spanish words in return.

The first word he taught her was ‘chikna/chikni’ explaining it meant someone was attractive and would not be such a compliment in literal terms as chikna means sticky. Imagine someone calling you sticky, it would be hilarious.

Natalie ended up explaining Kumail why dhakkan is called dhakkan

Next up is one of favorites weather used in sarcasm or when something good happens

We all have one friend who does this to us so this was definitely a must learn

This the funniest slang and we’ve all heard are dad’s say this one when they’re extremely angry

Watch the full video for more slang’s