Maya Ali Criticises Reviewers For Harsh Comments After First Episode

Before passing judgement, Maya Ali and co-star Bilal Ashraf wish for reviewers to realize the labour that goes into a project.

The Pakistani drama scene is frequently criticized for recycling the same material. The actors Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf said that while critics believe it is their right to state what they feel is not working, those critics do not completely take into account what happens behind the camera. Ali criticized critics, saying they only care to watch the first episode of a drama to learn how it develops and how much labour goes into creating it before writing their “harsh” critiques.

The performers talked about the necessity for compassion between artists and reviewers in an interview. According to Maya Ali, some of the content produced by streaming goliaths like Netflix is successful and others aren’t. She continued by saying that critics don’t consider why an actor chooses comparable scripts. She speculated that it might be because the artist feels more at home in a particular kind of role or because they are required to take care of their family.

Ali replied in response to drama critics, “I have a request from you guys — when you give a review, you watch the first episode and give your verdict. No one knows what’s going to happen in 25 episodes, or what turns the story will take, but your judgment is here after the first episode. There are so many actors who feel this but don’t say anything. In winters, they’re spending nights shooting and in summers they’re doing the same under the scorching sunlight. I think it’s easy to sit in an air-conditioned room and give a review. “

Ali pleaded with them to show more compassion. In order to learn how someone commutes from their residence and what type of job they do, she suggested that you work with us for 90 days before giving us a review.

Although the criticism is occasionally constructive, Maya Ali pointed out that it is often not expressed in a gentle way. “I’m not saying that you guys spew negativity, many times it’s good things that we take up with our production houses, saying, ‘Look, people are not stupid, they have started to understand, especially because of Netflix, etc so do better.’ But the words they use are very harsh. I’m not only talking about you but others who don’t even know the R of review.”

Maya emphasized the absurd demands made on actors to simply accept it without reacting emotionally. “Do you know that actors are sensitive? People say, ‘Oh you’re an actor? You should withstand criticism.’”

Bilal Ashraf offered his opinion, stating that “constructive input” is what is required. “I want that before giving us any feedback, they should make a drama or, say, something that’s five minutes long. Then watch it. It’s easy to sit and judge. But as far as I’m concerned, I’ll just say that a hit or a flop for me is a state of mind. It doesn’t matter. I agree with Maya, only we know how much effort and hard work we’ve put in. Respect should be mutual,” he continued.

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