Most Haunted Places In Pakistan You Dare To Visit!

Yahan Jana Mana Hai!

Do you fear apparitions?

Do you believe in supernatural powers?

There are different places in Pakistan that people ensure the undead visit even today. Here is a once-over of spots that are heard to be spooky and one should never visit! Let us have a look over them.

1- Dalmia Road, Karsaz

Numerous individuals have professed to see a lady dressed up in bridal clothes on the road of Karsaz. On this street is the home of the Bride of Karsaz (haunted since the 1960s). The rests amidst this patch of street, which individuals guarantee always appears to be spooky. The lady’s house is a little insignificant cemetery. It is said that there is an abandoned lady that anticipates late-night voyagers on the Dalmia road that interfaces Karsaz with Jauhar. On the off chance that an explorer passes her while going home, something typically makes them stop, and she shows up as a wonderful lady wearing the wedding dress. The dazzling magnificence waves as though she needs a ride or help and talking a dialect nobody appears to get it.

However, one thing they all concede to is that after dark nobody should go on Dalmia Road alone, for the bride still awaits her groom.

2- Shamshan Ghat, Hyderabad

Shamshan Ghat or Crematory is in Hyderabad area of Pakistan; many claims that spirits who are dead yet never achieve their destination even after death. It is where Hindus’ burnt the bodies and entombment custom are performed and this place is around 200 years old.

In the event that you truly need to encounter some creepiest paranormal movement, this place is on the highest priority on the rundown. According to the guard and other staff, they have seen little kids coming to play and make strange commotions after nightfall. The guard never observed anybody originating from the door; the kids simply appear suddenly and vanish a short time later. That sounds really creepy!

3- Koh e Chiltan Peak, Balochistan


The name of the mountain Chiltan or Chehel-Tan signifies ‘forty bodies’, it has been derived from Persian/Balochi. As indicated by a nearby fantasy and the legend related with it, as being spooky by the spirits of forty children. It is said that these kids would deceive sightseers intentionally and ensure they never found their way back.

The narrative of the couple is genuinely basic, poor and without a child, they looked for the assistance of numerous pastors and healers. One such pastor’s child said he would have the capacity to enable them to despite the fact that others proved unable. He spent numerous evenings praying and the couple was honored with not only one but forty kids.

4- Shireen Cinema, Karachi

Who says’ you can’t appreciate a good movie just because you are dead?

Shireen Cinema, situated at the North of Karachi, is shut since the year 2010, as individuals and the staff of the film had felt some strange things occurring in the cinema. Obvious voices and singing can be heard from the back of the cinema, shadows can be seen on the screen when no one is there, and dribbling of the water from the taps can be heard.

Who knew that ghosts liked to watch movies?

5- Mohatta Palace, Karachi

Built-in Karachi in 1927 as the summer home of a Rajasthan businessman, Mohatta Palace is presently an art museum. Exhibition hall guides have apparently observed different articles which have moved from their unique place or moved about while guards have professed to have “felt” the presence of specific spirits during the night.

Are the spirits dealing with the historical center during the night?

6- Chowkandi Qabristan, Karachi

Chowkandi graveyard located on the National Highway of Karachi is among the most antiquated cemetery of the country, around 600 hundred years of age. It is additionally considered as a standout amongst the most spooky burial ground, no one endeavors to visit there after dusk as they would encounter some strange/paranormal activities. As indicated by the general population who live adjacent, they heard individuals yelling and nebulous vision have additionally been seen.

Need to see some magic too?

The colossal factor of Black Magic is normally done in this burial ground with a goat’s head.

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