My Thoughts on “Work From Home”

It can be a bit difficult to work from home but it's not unattainable. Here are my thoughts and how I have found a balance between work and home.

For someone who’s a lazy bum, work from home is bliss. Sometimes, it feels like I’m not even working because I don’t have that environment, which does make it a little harder to focus. But that doesn’t mean you can’t work from home. Before the pandemic, I thought maybe I wouldn’t be able to work from home because of the distraction but honestly, it’s not so bad.

Here are a few tips that can help you in staying focused and organized:

Get Dressed

In my opinion, it’s actually quite comforting to work in PJs. However, dressing up will help you in feeling motivated. I love waking up and having to get ready to work from home. Even if your idea of getting is just taking a shower and wearing new clothes, then do it. It helps in starting your day off right. Wear new clothes so that you actually feel good and confident.

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Designated Work Area

You need to set a work area where you’ll be working. It could be a different room or your dining table, wherever you feel like you won’t be distracted. A designated work area also helps in keeping you focused so you can make up your mind to stay productive. You can keep all your essentials nearby such as your water bottle, notepads, etc. Decorate it by keeping plants and other things that you love so that you’d actually want to spend time there.

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Schedule is Important

Just like your workplace, set a schedule. You can either take a one-hour long break or 15 mins break during the whole working period. Keeping a schedule will help you in managing your time. I try to schedule myself and keep a lunch break where I also stretch for a few minutes.

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Stay Connected

Try to stay in touch with your colleagues, especially if you’re working in the same team. Being on the same page is crucial and so is being in touch. I personally find that zoom is a great way to communicate with your team because you can share screens and present your ideas there.

Set Boundaries

Working from home can be quite tough if you’ve a huge family. I feel like you need to find a quiet corner, where you know you won’t be disturbed, helps a lot. Also, telling your family about your schedule will help them in being more considerate and understanding.

To be honest, working from home has been great for me. I had not imagined it to be this easy. Once you have everything figured out, it goes by smoothly. Sometimes I would stay in bed and work on my laptop without even taking breaks but that just makes me forget about everything else. Following all the steps helped me to find a balance between my life and work and I hope it helps you all too.

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