Rocket Attacks in Baghdad’s Green Zone

Although the world is stuck in Coronavirus outbreak, the war is still going on in countries around the globe.

Iraq has been under the influence of United States since a long time. However, the Iraqis were quite fueled up with fire when Iran’s Military General was attacked in their country. Since the attack the Iraqis have demanded the foreign countries to exit from the country. The presence of foreign forces in Iraq is not only effecting the country’s sovereignty. But is also disturbing its relation with other countries. What Iraqis thought was, this would be a step towards peace. But is it so? Since October, Iraq has been under attack, especially their green zones in Baghdad which have been a target of rockets from different parts of the country.

Today, on Thursday, two rockets were fired in Baghdad’s Green Zone, just a few Kilometers away from the US Embassy. However, according to speculations, the rockets were to land at US Embassy. Nevertheless, what became a target was Iraq’s Command Center. This Command Center oversees all the security movements in the Capital. To be exact, it was 26th Missile attack in Iraq since October 2019. According to sources, the rockets were launched from Al-Nahda, a area that is located in Baghdad.

This shows, amid the current outbreak in the world, it is still hard for people to back off from wars. Where on one hand people are already losing their life over infection outbreak, there people are being killed because of such attacks too. It is high time, the world should come at peace in regard to wars. And fight war against this one disease together. Be it Baghdad or Yemen, people deserve some peace.

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