Naeem Haque and Nimra Khan open up about their personal lives

The celebs open up about their lives on Time Out with Ahsan Khan.

On an episode of Time Out with Ahsan Khan, Naeem Haque and Nimra Khan talked about their personal lives.

Naeem Haque talked about the struggles of being a parent with a special needs kid. He said; “His name is Izaan and he’s a special child… The disease he has is a metabolic condition. It’s called NGLY1. There are only 50 children in the world who suffer from it. Right now, there has been research going on regarding his condition at Stanford. As soon as they have a medicine for it available, we’re going to travel there with Izaan so that they can inject it.”

During the interview, Naeem Haque opened up about the frustration he felt with raising a kid with special needs. He said; “When God gave me Izaan I would ask God what I had done wrong to have been given a special child. You know how we say ‘why me’?” 

Naeem Haque and Nimra Khan
Source: Naeem Haque’s Instagram

Naeem Haque also believes that parents of special needs kids are “real superstars”. He admires such parents for the time and dedication they give to raising and taking care of their kids.

Nimra Khan had also appeared alongside Naeem Haque. She talked about her divorce from her former husband Raja Azam. She discussed how she was not really comfortable sharing this information with the public.

However, she now claims that such an important part of her life being in the open does not bother her anymore.

Naeem Haque and Nimra Khan
Source: Nimra Khan’s Instagram.

She also discussed the various speculation within the press about the very nature of her marriage with Raja Azam. She believes that there are always two sides of the story and that one should not believe mere speculations.

During the interview she had this piece of information to share with young girls who might be watching. She said; “To cut the story short, I would just like to say to the girls watching that you should only accept the negativity that you can bear. If you feel like it’s going beyond your capacity, then I would like to request the parents to provide support to their daughters so they can take the step to leave without fear.”

You can check out the latest episode with Naeem Haque and Nimra Khan down below.

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