Ahsan Raza: The cinematographic genius behind the MGH commercial

How Ahsan Raza incapsulated the very essence of MGH in a single TVC. Read the article to find out more!

When it comes to cinematography, there is no one quite like Ahsan Raza.

The young talent has been behind the creation of several famous and popular music videos and commercials.

Some of the brands that Ahsan Raza has worked for include Walls Cornetto, Pepsi and Ufone. He has also helped work in the formation of countless music videos for this year’s Coke Studio.

Ahsan Raza

However, one of his recent works include helping to formulate the TVC for MGH. As an up and coming housing society, it was essential for the brand to make a lasting impression on the masses through its TVC.

This is where the skills and experience of Ahsan Raza came in. He worked rigorously in helping to transform the vision of MGH into a reality.

He worked as the DOP for this shoot and was working along the team for Runway Pakistan. The combined efforts of both parties helped culminate in the creation of a jaw dropping TVC.

Ahsan Raza

What was most impeccable was the sheer grit and determination with which Ahsan Raza helped to create the TVC. This was best exemplified by his ability to sheet 20+ sequences in a duration of 4 days.

He ensured that every aspect of the housing society was covered. From its luxurious houses to its breathtaking natural scenery, he helped cover it all.

Through his hard work he helped capture the very beauty and luxury of MGH and helped effectively present it to the world.

If you have not seen the latest TVC for MGH, then check it out down below.

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