New Dessert Places To Order From In Karachi

New dessert places and online ventures in Karachi that are a must-try. From the best crepes to the yummiest brownies, we've got it all sorted for you.

With all these new dessert places opening up in Karachi, they’re so many people coming up with online ventures too selling the most scrumptious desserts. If you’re looking for all the new desserts in Karachi that are a must-try, from the best crepes in town to the yummiest brownies, we’ve got it all sorted for you.


Sikander Rizvi just opened a sister branch of Xander’s cafe, right next to its E-street branch. It’s a pretty, aesthetic, and airy outlet. They have a tiny limited menu, but one thing that they’re known for and are serving the best in town these days is their crepes. Be it savory or sweet, they have the best. My recommendation would be to try their Dark chocolate crepe if you’re looking for a good dessert in Karachi. They serve it topped with caramel bits, banana slices, and a scoop of gelato.


Started from a tiny online venture baking the most gorgeous cakes, now they serve from a beautiful, little outlet. Also, if you’re a person who loves loaf cakes, then this is the dessert place for you. Try their Belgian chocolate and lemon drizzle loaf cakes and they won’t disappoint. And when visiting their outlet, don’t forget to have a look at the beautiful cakes displayed. This is literally my new favorite dessert place in Karachi.


Brownies are something that one can’t ignore. Be it the plain Belgian brownies or the ones topped with Nutella or caramel, they’re always a favorite. With so many places selling them, our favorite are the ones from Fresh Oven Bites. They’re literally the best in town. Fresh, scrumptious, and divine.


With all the lotus hype these days, everyone out there is looking for lotus desserts everywhere and with that, lotus cheesecake is a win-win for me among all the other lotus desserts. The lotus cheesecake by The Flour Girl is my ultimate favorite. It’s a classic crumb based, new-york cheesecake, topped with a generous amount of the divine lotus spread. If you haven’t tried it yet then you’re really missing out on some good stuff.


dessert places in karachi

They serve the prettiest cupcakes and cakes. But the one thing they’ve become famous for are their mini cupcakes topped with the prettiest colors of frostings and they taste ah-mazing. From ombre to rainbows, pastels to neons, they can do anything, making the cupcakes look too pretty to eat. If you’re looking for some dessert place to order something for a birthday or to giveaway as some event’s announcement, then this is the place for you.


dessert places in karachi

This tiny and cute outlet is something everyone would like to visit. They serve some scrumptious tacos but along with that they’re also known for their desserts. If you’re looking for so My favorite out of all that they serve is their peach choux bun. It’s the fluffiest choux bun I’ve ever had, filled with a generous amount of poached peaches and whipped cream. Leaving you all wanting for more.

These are the new favorite dessert places in Karachi for me and I would say these all are a must-try.


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