Noman Ijaz Criticises the Media in Live Session with Rafay Rashdi

“I personally think our media should be hanged, they’re not educating anyone," Noman Ijaz stated at the end of his live session with Rafay Rashdi.

In an Instagram live session with director/producer Rafay Rashdi, Noman Ijaz did not hold back his shots as he criticised the media and the content that was being shown on Pakistani television.

Noman Ijaz Runway Pakistan
Noman Ijaz

As he discussed the progress of the characters on Pakistani television since he had joined the media and entertainment industry, Noman Ijaz said, “if you watch our dramas on YouTube or any channel, you will see that our characters move from the lounge to the drawing room, from there to the kitchen and from the kitchen to the bedroom.”

“They don’t want to go outside; they don’t even want to look outside the window. How many stories can you make within the four corners of a house?” the senior actor asked.

Noman Ijaz Runway Pakistan

Rafay Rashdi Runway Pakistan
Rafay Rashdi

During the 10 minute live session that he had with Rafay Rashdi on Instagram, Noman Ijaz slammed the changes made by the media in the content airing on television since the entrance of private channels in the industry.

“Almost all the issues they highlight are similar. Before these private channels came in, dramas used to come in from all four provinces. You got to know about their cultures, their customs, their folk stories, and sitting at home just watching those dramas you used to get so much knowledge.”

In Noman Ijaz’s opinion, before the privatisation of media, people discussed the things they learnt on the television and were curious about the cultures.

However, now the media just tells the story of a married person’s affair or someone getting married to the person they don’t care about. “Or you end up seeing this individual taking revenge from someone else for somebody else, or a mother hating on this person’s daughter.”

“Your dramas have diminished, you need to wake up! These people are just sleeping and feeding an empty box.”

Noman Ijaz Runway Pakistan

The veteran actor then raised the point that since people are learning more about the world through Netflix or Amazon Prime, our media should be airing content that is on a similar level when it comes to quality and information, so that they can successfully compete with these platforms.

“You can’t hold the private/independent producer responsible, you are responsible the broadcasters are responsible,” Noman Ijaz remarked.

Rafay Rashdi Runway Pakistan

The Mera Saeen actor reminded Rafay Rashdi, “I remember you quoted Sultana aapa when she made her first private production which was on the concept of ‘khula’. It became so controversial that people stood up, it created awareness. But what is this father taking revenge from his son or vice versa.”

Noman continued, mentioning that as life imitates art, the same hate that is being shown on television will spread throughout the society. “These kind of things happen on a small scale, but if you start showing such negativity on a channel watched by the masses, they will adopt it.”

“I personally think our media should be hanged, they’re not educating anyone. They think their audience is not smart enough, the audience has become aware but the media is still stuck. They don’t want growth they just want volume,” Noman Ijaz finished his point.


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Do you agree with Noman Ijaz’s remarks about the media on his live session with Rafay Rashdi? Is the media steering the wheel in the wrong direction with the content on the television? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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