Not A Happy Morning For Two Key Metro Cities

A bus crash, and a collapsed building. Not a happy day for Pakistan.

It wasn’t much of a cheerful day for Pakistan. Two unpleasant incidents took place, in Karachi & Lahore, respectively.

Around 7 in the morning, a three-story building collapsed in Jaffar e Tayyar Society, Karachi. According to the sources there were 25-26 people in the building, including the possessor of the building. Three people are reportedly dead, several injured. There are many people still trapped inside the building. Rescue operations cannot be conducted with thoroughly, due to narrow roads of the society. According to Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail, PPP is accountable for the inadequate resources of rescuing in case of an emergency. However, it has been around 8-10 months, which was enough to upgrade the machinery vital in such situations.

Another incident took place in Lahore around, where two metro buses rammed into each other, killing one and injuring several others. According to the sources, one of the drivers got a heart attack after which he lost control of the bus and collided with another vehicle coming from opposite direction. Safety measures haven’t been kept in consideration which should be the case, with at least, rails between the roads to provide the buses with same yet separate paths.

May the departed souls Rest In Peace, and those injured have a speedy recovery. Ameen.