NZ Mosque Attacker, Tarrant, To Represent Himself

Christchurch Mosque attacker has dismissed his own lawyers, and have decided to fight the case on his own.

On 15th March 2019, Brenton Tarrant attacked a Mosque located in Christchurch, New Zealand. The attacker had guns with graffitis on it, that represented something or other. Tarrant entered the mosque during prayers, and started shooting people instantly. The issue was of even more importance as the shooter was going live on social media, while killing people in the mosque. As a result, around 51 people lost their lives while 49 were severely injured. He was later caught and has to be sentenced on 24th August. Although, Tarrant has already pleaded guilty to the charges pressed against him.

However, there is a twist in the case. Tarrant has dismissed his lawyers and will be fighting the case on his own. The reason that the culprit put forward is, that he would be putting forward his white supremacist views. According to his lawyers, “Tarrant has instructed counsel that he wishes to act for himself at the sentence, We are not disappointed by Mr. Tarrant’s decision.”

Not only has the incident left many traumatized, but has also raised questions on the safety of Muslims in NZ. If there are people of the same mentality, it might get hard for Muslims to survive. But as for now, NZ has been dealing with the issue more perfectly than any Muslim Nation would have. Although, Tarrant won’t be sentenced to death, as it is against laws in NZ, even then, there are chances that he would be imprisoned for life. It is yet to see what happens to the case.

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