OTT Platforms And How They Help Change Pakistan And The World

In this article, we examine how OTT platforms have become a massive tool in helping to push storylines that help change societal values at home and overseas.

I am pretty sure that we have all seen the trailer for the show “Qaatil Haseenaon Ke Naam”. The upcoming Pakistani web series is yet another attempt to help revamp storytelling in Pakistani dramas.

More and more content creators are producing compelling and bold storylines. They hope to captivate the audience away from the regurgitated and regressive dramas that they see on a daily basis.

What propels these creators to make and release such shows is the rise of OTT platforms. There is no doubt that the emergence of such avenues has helped the entertainment industry enormously.

Such platforms facilitates the makers in helping to create more enthralling and innovative content. Shows and movies that would never be shown on prime time television or be released in cinemas.

This can be attributed to censorship laws across the world. Due to the unrestricted nature of the internet, OTT platforms thus become the ideal means through which such producers can help push their shows and films.

Writers and directors can also now showcase their talent through such platforms. Such creators would otherwise have never gotten the chance to highlight their work as mainstream production houses would reject them.

In terms of the Pakistani context, such online platforms are extremely crucial. They help tell stories that would otherwise not be told on Pakistani television and cinema. They help shed a light on taboo topics and help create discussions around them.

OTT platforms are essential in helping to change storytelling in the country. These platforms help disseminate more newer and thought provoking content that help benefit society. They help to change perceptions and attitudes in society. Something that is much needed.

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