Pak-Thai Business House Initiative

The Bohri community has taken a step to participate in Pakistan's economy through their Pak-Thai Business House.

Pakistan’s economic conditions are always on a thin thread. With less business opportunities for all out there, many people can’t cope up with worsening business conditions. Moreover, many businesses have shut down due to heavily imposed taxes. Moreover, Pakistan in whole has also been under huge trade deficit. If we only look at Pak-Thai stats, Pakistan imports goods of $1.4 bn. However, it exports goods of worth $ 250 m only. To manage this trade gap between Pakistan and Thailand, the Bohri community has started an initiative. It is titled as Pak-Thai Business House.

Pak-Thai Business House brings Pakistan and Thailand to trade together. In easy terms, the organization allows B2B services to manufacturers of Pakistan and Thailand as to work bi-literally. The two countries have vast opportunities of business, but sadly, Pakistan lacks in resources.

A conference was held at  Bohri Community Center in Karachi. Thailand Consulate General in Karachi, Mr Thatree attended the event as their Chief Guest. He said ” I am grateful to the Bohri Community to start this Thai-Pak Business House. I alone couldn’t do it, so my consulate will be there to help”

They will be covering business in many different aspects. Be it Tourism, Trade, Entrepreneurship, Freelance or anything else. If it involves trade between two countries, Pak-Thai Business House will be there to cater people.

Pakistan indeed needs such initiatives to overcome the trade deficit they have with countries, individually, as well as on the whole. We are quite thankful to the Bohri Community for doing something rather than only talking about it. The people of Pakistan is looking forward to something fruitful from this now, with all their hopes attached.

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