Pakistan And Some Of Its Well Kept Secrets That Need To Be Uncovered

Pakistan has seen a rapid rise in tourism but there are many hidden destinations that still need to be discovered.

Pakistan has often been touted as an up and coming tourist hotspot by the likes of Conde Nast and other popular travel sites.

However, in recent times the country has experienced a massive boom in internal tourism during the pandemic.

The restrictions placed on global travel has led to many Pakistanis deciding to explore the country and visiting some of its more iconic and scenic sites.

While most people go to the more popular destinations like Murree and Nathia Gali, there are some really beautiful destinations within the country that have yet not gotten the attention of the masses.

We look at some of the more beautiful but unknown destinations in the country.

Minapin Village in Gilgit Baltistan:

The province has gotten lots of attention from Pakistanis for its breathtaking nature but it also has some hidden gems.

One such place is the enchanting small village in the province called Minapin Village located in Nagar District.

The enchanting village provides explorers with the opportunity to take in the picturesque surroundings of the mountains.

The relatively unknown village has multiple cherry and mulberry farms that allow tourists to buy these fruits at a cheap price.

If your planning to visit Gilgit Baltistan, then you should definitely put Minapin Village on your bucket list.

Hingol National Park in Balochistan: 

When it comes to tourism, Balochistan does not get the same attention as the other provinces in Pakistan.

However, that does not negate the fact that it has many mesmerizing sites that are worth exploring such as Hingol National Park.

Home to a wide variety of wildlife, it is considered the largest national park in the country.

From leopards and foxes to crocodiles and turtles, the national park has it all. Apart from wildlife, it also has other attractions as well.

These include Kund Malir Beach, the Hindu temple called Rani Mandir and Chandragup mud volcanoes.

If you are ever in Balochistan, you must give this park a visit.

Nagarparkar in Sindh:

Overlooked by many travelers, Nagarparkar is a historical site that is definitely worth visiting when your in the province.

It is home to the Karoonjhar Mountains which offer great trekking opportunities for visitors.

By courtesy of being a Hindu majority district, Nagarparkar is home to some historical Hindu temples such as the Churrio Jabal Durga Mata Temple.

When visiting interior Sindh, do give this temple and district a visit.

Soon Valley in Punjab:

Perhaps one of the least visited places in Punjab, Soon Valley has all the makings of being a popular travel destination.

The sheer number of crystal clear lakes make this valley more ravishing. These include Uchhali and Khabeki lakes.

The other more prominent sites to explore in the valley includes the historic Kanhatti Gardens which is a Mughal era garden.

The valley makes for an amazing trip that helps you explore the beauty of Punjab and makes you fall in love with it.

Badogai Pass in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:

This route helps to connect Swat Valley to Upper Dir in Kohistan and makes for an enthralling road trip for first time visitors.

While on this route, people can explore the mountainous villages of Utror and Thal. Both have a wide array of natural beauty such as lush green forests and clear blue lakes.

In both villages, explorers get the chance to witness local customs and traditions that they would other wise not have known.

While this province may have many natural and historical gems, one must definitely take a trip down Badogai Pass to explore the diverse village culture present there.

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