Best Vacation Destinations to Visit in Pakistan in the Winter Season (Part 2)

Are you looking for places to visit during your vacations? What better place than Pakistan itself? Here is another list of places in Pakistan you can visit.

If you’re planning for winter vacations, HOLD UP! Why go outside Pakistan, when you have the best winter vacation destinations in your own country.

During the pandemic, northern areas of Pakistan for vacations have been quite popular not only amongst Pakistanis but also foreigners. Here is another list I collected for you all.


You might have already heard of this Hill station location at 7000 altitudes near Islamabad because it’s the most popular vacation place in Pakistan with its famous Mall Road Shopping Sprees, Ayubia, Kashmir Point, Bhurban, and Chattar Park. It has been a Hotspot amongst tourists for years.
Muree turns into a winter wonderland during winters and is a vision to admire with the thick snow layer taking over the tall oak trees and all the tall buildings made in the pre-colonial era. This place is best if you’re looking for a place with no harsh winter conditions like the rest of the north. You can find several affordable guest houses, hotels, and motels. With amazing restaurant choices like Usmania, Thalli, Des Pardes, and many international chains as well like Gloria Jeans Coffee and KFC.

muree winter


Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali is situated in the middle of the Galyat Range with a number of hill stations in the region and is about 7900 feet above sea level. This area is known to be a piece of heaven on Earth. It’s cool in the area even during summers but in winters it receives heavy snowfall throughout the season with temperature going low in negatives. It is close to Muree so it receives a lot of visitors who come to Muree.
During winters, hiking may not be an option here due to the heavy snowfall but there are various other ways you can explore Nathia Gali’s natural beauty. They have great resorts, hotels, and guest houses for visitors which are quite affordable. The most famous attraction here is St. Matthew’s Church, which is a historic beautiful place. The government of KPK recently put up camping pods here for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Nathia Gali Winter

Nathia Gali

Malam Jabba

In the region of the Hindu Kush mountain range, Malam Jabba is a picturesque hill station and one of the best places to visit in winter. It is situated 50km away from Saidu Sharif, Swat Valley’s capital. It has one of the most popular ski resorts which is just the best experience during the winter season.

The infamous Malam Jabba ski resort has an 800-meter ski slope installed by Pakistan’s tourism department. But this is not all, they have the highest peak slope which is 9000 feet above sea level. It also has a chair lift which offers a magnificent view of the snow-covered valley. Apart from chairlift and ski facilities it also has skating rinks and trekking facilities. It is available to visit throughout the year and you can easily find basic facilities here.

Malam Jabba in Winter

Malam Jabba

Kalam Valley 

Kalam is a vision to behold during December and January, so if your trip is scheduled in December or January you have to go here! It is a valley located in the upper reaches of the Swat Valley. It is located at a high 6600 feet altitude and has several amazing budget-friendly hotels. The temperature here during winter is as low as 1 degree but it is much bearable than other regions in Northern Pakistan.

This region has an admirable landscape, with dense forests, the mesmerizing Swat River, and snow-covered mountains. It is not too crowded because it gets fewer visitors which makes it the perfect place to have 1 to 2 relaxing days here during your trip. While you’re here you can explore  Usho, Matiltan, and Utror valleys as well. Kundol and Muhandand lake are amazing sights to explore here.

Kalam Valley in Winter

Kalam Valley

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