Pakistan Army Provides Refuge to Afghan Troops

Afghan Troops were unable to stand their ground at the Pak-Afghan border. They were given shelter by the Pakistan Army.

Pakistan had deployed more than a 1000 troops along the Pak-Afghan Border on 24th July following the withdrawal of NATO and US troops and the Taliban launching huge offensives. Afghans military personnel were kept at forward positions.

However, the Afghan troops were unable to keep their positions along the Pak-Afghan International Border and about 46 of them received refuge from the Pakistan Army in Chitral on Sunday 25th July, according to an ISPR statement.

Initially on 17th July, the Afghan and Taliban Government officials had important talks in the Qatari capital Doha. They had promised to eventually meet for more talks and to safeguard the civilians and their footing.

The local commander of the Afghan National Army who was opposite Arundu, Chitral, requested help from the Pakistan Army to create a safe passage for the 46 Afghan military personnel who were not able to hold their positions at the Pak-Afghan Border. These 46 troops included 5 officers.

After this request was put forward and then received by the Pakistan Army, they continued to contact the Afghan Authorities to gain accurate information as well as necessary military formalities. The ISPR statement also went ahead to update that the 46 Afghan soldiers and officers had been taken care of by the Pakistan Army, as they had provided them with shelter, food and fundamental medical care.

The statement also included that the Afghan troops would be sent back to the Afghan Government in a dignified manner after due process.

As this is not the first time such an incident has occurred, another one was mentioned when 35 Afghan troops could not stand their ground at the border on 1st July and received proper care by the Pakistan Army by giving them refuge and a safe passage.

However, the fight between the military forces and the Taliban continues on along with other various conflicts.

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