“Why Not Meri Jaan” Pepsi’s Campaign to Encourage Defying the Challenges

Pepsi's "why not meri jaan?" campaign to encourage the young generation to fight daily life obstacles with kindness and passion has stolen our hearts

Have you ever been annoyed by kids playing cricket or been in a situation where you have to compromise your dream job? Well, Pepsi’s marketing campaign, “why not meri jaan?”, is to encourage people to beat the obstacles they face in their daily life with kindness and go after their dreams.

Three video ads have been released until now by Pepsi each sending a different message by showing us a daily life challenge we might face.

In a world where it is common to burst into a fight when someone gets on your nerve, intentionally or unintentionally, Pepsi’s new campaign encourages you to be kind even in that case. It’s strange but this is what makes society a better place to live in and improve the environment around you.

This ad also encourages people to beat the odds with kindness. We have all been there when a person invades our privacy and, let’s be honest, no one likes it. But instead of bursting into anger and fight, being graceful with the reply should be the way to go.

This is personally our favorite one of all three and it has a very deep meaning. Most of us have been through the dilemma of our career selection. Having a passion for a career that is not accepted by society or doesn’t match the stereotype of your gender according to society, can turn into bashing and eye-rolls by almost everyone.

Pepsi’s new marketing campaign shows how you can defy odds and fulfill your dream, even if other paths are much easier. It is true that if you follow your passion, success will follow. Being different doesn’t make you an outcast, and those are the people represented by the “Why not meri Jaan?” campaign.

The first chef represents the society that stereotypes people and works on sources for success. And the other cook represents the people who want to achieve their dreams and defy the odds.

This kind of marketing campaign is rarely seen in Pakistan as most focus on capturing the attention of the audience instead of making a difference. However, this marketing campaign is captivating as well as inspiring.

We desperately needed a “why not meri Jaan?” campaign in Pakistani society and we are here for Pepsi’s new initiative.

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