Pakistan Bags Yet Another Guinness World Record!

Pakistanis have proved themselves once again. Muhammad Rashid, bags another Guinness World Records for Most Walnuts Cracked by Head!

Muhammad Rashid from Pakistan won the Guinness World Record for the most walnuts cracked by his head! He contested for the record-yesterday and managed to defeat the previous record holder, Navin Kumar.

Most Walnuts Crushed With The Head In One Minute – Guinness World Records

Who will win the walnut cracking head-to-head? S.Navin Kumar (India) vs Muhammad Rashid (Pakistan)

Posted by Guinness World Records on Monday, September 21, 2020

Rashid cracked 254 walnuts from his head whereas, Kumar had cracked only 239 within a minute. Rashid, however, is not entirely new to the game; the renowned martial artist previously held the Guinness world record for breaking the most walnuts from his elbow within 60 seconds back in 2018.

Upon winning this record, Muhammad Rashid, the martial artist, now has 45 distinct Guinness World Records to his name, some of which are:

  • Most Walnuts Crushed by Hand in 60 seconds
  • Most Watermelon Crushed by Head In 30 Seconds
  • Most Drink Cans Crushed by Elbow in One Minute
  • Most Spin of A ‘Fire Staff’ In One Minute

Rashid began his journey in 2013 by winning the Guinness World Record for Most Bottle Caps Removed with the head within 60 Seconds at the Youth Sports Festival in Lahore.

His victory has won the whole nation over- residents are overfilled with joy to see Pakistan represented in a green light internationally. Moreover, Rashid is receiving praises from Pakistanis all over the world- his work is well-known within Pakistan.

Furthermore, Rashid has dedicated his training to the Pakistan Martial Arts Academy, where he trains young children who then go onto contest for the Guinness World Records. Fatima Naseem, Rashid’s daughter, broke the record for most full contact elbow strikes in one minute using alternate elbows (female), that too at seven years of age! Coincidentally, this record was also previously held by an Indian.

Due to his outstanding performances, the Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts now has 59 Guinness World Records to its name. The Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts is the only academy all over the world to have with over 50 records to its name!

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