Pakistan Beats England and Wins Hearts of Jemima, Shaneira and Sania

Sania, Shaneira and Jemima praised the team and congratulated them on their victory.

The match between England and Pakistan was very unpredictable as many had lost hopes after Pakistan lost against West Indies in the first match however; they stunned us all by winning against England which definitely has proven to be a strong team. Victory in yesterday’s match has raised many hopes for further matches and everyone is cheering.

Sania, Shaneira and Jemima all cheer for Pakistan and congratulating them on this unbelievable victory.

Congratulations to Team Pakistan on bouncing back the way they did and being as unpredictable like it always is !!! @cricketworldcup got more interesting than it already was

COME ON PAKISTAN!!! Bring it home

wrote Shaneira Akram in a tweet.

Jemima Goldsmith was happy as well on the victory of Pakistan

Overall, the match was not that disappointing. Pakistan won by 14 runs. We hope and wish the best of luck to all of our Pakistani players, the whole team is performing well and we’d like to see them bring this year’s trophy back with them.