Pashto Band “Khumariyaan” Will Play In East Africa

In the US, UK, Europe, and the Gulf States, the Pashto band Khumariyaan, has promoted Pakistan on several occasions and is now moving on to East Africa.

A well-known music group called Khumariyaan will travel to East Africa for three weeks and perform live performances in four different locations to introduce the many musical nuances of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In the second week of October, a quartet of young performers Farhan Borga, Sparlai, Rawail, Amer Shafiq, and Shiraz will go to East Africa for a live performance in the cities of Nairobi, Mombasa, Diani, and Arusha, followed by a workshop. A private organisation with a Kenyan base called Creative Bhaag would sponsor the event.

The band’s leader and rabab musician, Bogra, told this reporter that Khumariyaan would bring several Khyber Pakhtunkhwa traditional music styles to East Africa for the first time. He claimed they would also discuss the local populace, culture, and folk music customs at the workshop.

According to him, a workshop would be included in the event where participants would learn more about the history, culture, and people of Pakistan and KP as a whole. He said Rabab, sitar, guitar, and zerbaghali will be taught to the African audience with a base tempo in local Pashto music.

In order to promote world peace, universalism, and cultural variety, Bogra stated that Khumariyaan would perform alongside African artists. He continued, “Performances will be scheduled in prestigious hotels, academies, and institutions in addition to beach resorts in four cities.

Khumariyaan formerly served as Pakistan’s representative in the US, UK, Europe, and the Gulf States. Due to its inventive style and distinctive means of expression, the band has a sizable fan base abroad.

According to Bogra, his band’s concentration was on performing instrumental renditions of worldwide symphonies because they could be understood by audiences without the use of words. Khumariyaan received a lot of positive feedback from a diverse audience during the most recent Dubai Expo.

He claimed that the founder and director of Creative Bhaag, culture activist Seema Salim, issued the invitation to his band and gave them the assurance that a series of exchange projects involving other music bands to deepen cultural connections would follow their visit.

In order to raise our folk music from a medium of vocal-focused culture to instrumental fusion, Bogra remarked that their objective is to cooperate with artists and musicians who have a collective vision of keeping their respective heritage and culture alive.

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