Peshawar Violence: Ahmadi Professor Killed

Religious violence is at an all-time high in Pakistan; an Ahmadi professor was found shot to death in Peshawar near Wazir Bagh.

Teacher’s Day is known to be a day of celebration, a day where you celebrate your teachers, their skills, and the time they have invested in you. It is supposed to be a day of remembrance, gratefulness, and happiness. However, this was not the case in Peshawar- an Ahmadi Professor was shot dead on the very day.

The Ahmadi Professor was identified as Prof Dr. Naeem Uddin Khattak, who was a lecturer at the Government Superior Science College at Peshawar. Naeem Uddin, 57-year old, held a Ph.D. degree in zoology, as told by Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan.

Professor Naeem Uddin’s brother lodged an FIR with the Bhana Mori police; his brother stated that he had gone to The Ahmadi Professor’s college to visit him, after which both brothers left the institution together. Naeem Uddin was driving his car while his brother was on his motorcycle, as they were passing Wazir Bagh around 1:30 p.m. two men on a bike stopped the professor’s car and opened fire.

The Ahmadi Professor was killed on the spot by two gunmen as he received five bullets. Suspicions have been raised and a friend of the professor, who is the lecturer at the University of Agriculture, is being considered as the top suspect. According to FIR, the professor and his friend had a heated argument over some sort of religious issue a day before.

In a statement, Jamaat-I-Ahmadiyya Pakistan spokesperson Saleemuddin said Naeem Uddin was being targeted due to his Ahmadi faith, further said that the Ahmadi Professor had previously been facing threats and boycott.

“Over the past few months, there has been an increase in faith-based attacks on Ahmadis,” Saleemuddin said. “In Peshawar, an organized hate campaign has been launched against Ahmadis which has resulted in the killing of Ahmadis. The government has failed in protecting Ahmadis,” he added, requesting the government and the institutions to take measures for the Ahmadi community’s protection.

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