Policeman Shoots Doctor When Denied Sleeping Pills

Police suggests that the policeman shot the doctor in the NICVD in Karachi on June 17 due to another doctor not giving him sleeping pills the day before.

Initial investigation done by the police suggests that the policeman shot at Dr Fahad Hussain in the emergency ward of the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) in Karachi on June 17 due to another doctor not giving him sleeping pills the day before.

According to CTD senior official Raja Umer Khattab, the police constable, who was posted at CTD Civil Lines, had been suffering from chest pains for the last 15-20 days. When he got tested at Ziauddin Hospital, it was revealed that the constable was suffering from typhoid.

Raja Umer Khattab Policeman Shot Doctor NICVD - Runway Pakistan
CTD Senior Official Raja Umer Khattab

The policeman initially visited NICVD on the night of June 16, where he first had an argument with the security guards, who denied him entry due to a lack of mask. After securing a mask, he was allowed in the emergency ward. It was there that he asked the attending doctor for sleeping pills as he hadn’t been sleeping for 3 days. However, the doctor had denied him the medicine and the constable went home empty handed.

The next day (the day of the incident), he returned to the hospital and asked for the same doctor. Upon finding out that the doctor who denied him the sleeping pills was unavailable, the policeman shot at Dr Fahad Hussain, injuring him, and escaped. The injured doctor suffered from two bullets in his legs and fortunately he is out of danger.

CTD policeman shoots doctor at Karachi's NICVD - Runway Pakistan

According to Fahad, when he told the policeman about the other doctor’s whereabouts, the policeman shouted “you [doctors] are dishonest and I will not spare you” before shooting him in the legs.

The police constable was detained when he came to CTD Civil Lines and mentioned that he had shot the doctor. The CTD police then handed him over to the Saddar police for investigation. Upon further investigation into the suspect, it seems that the policeman is “emotionally disturbed”.

Will there be any further investigation or will this be pushed under the rug? Our prayers are with Dr Fahad Hussain and we hope he recovers soon.

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