How Sane is it of United States to Sanction Syria?

United states is to sanction Syria. A country, which already is in an political, social and economical crisis. Why?

Syria is a pot of porridge where different cooks are trying to make a different porridges in different ways, while trying to eliminate all other cooks. Where on one hand, Bashar Al-Assad is backed by Iran and Russia, there the Interim Syrian Government is backed by US & Saudia There is also the presence of ISIS in the region, as well as other actors. And the basic goal of each party is to have control over Syria. Due to this, there has been a war in Syria, making Syria a battleground for all the actors. The blame, however, usually goes on Bashar Al-Assad, regardless of the crime.


But as the things weren’t smooth, and Bashar Al-Assad wasn’t stopping, the US has now sanctioned him. And not only him, but 38 other people too, along with Bashar’s wife, Asma. It is so that, the “cruel” Bashar Al-Assad and co. can’t earn out of it. However, Iran is quite against the sanctions. “The Caesar Act aims to starve Lebanon just as it aims to starve Syria,” Nasrallah said. He added, saying “The allies of Syria, which stood by its side during the war … will not abandon Syria in the face of economic warfare. And will not allow its fall, even if they are themselves going through difficult circumstances,” he said.

However, the ones to sanction are either unaware or are in denial of the fact that they themselves are a reason for disturbance in Syria. And internal conflict could have been sort out, internally. Their presence wasn’t required and hasn’t made much of a difference too. If this happens, Syria will actually starve out, leaving no choice to Bashar but to retreat.

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