What Happened To Syrians Living in Syria?

The Syrians have faced the harshest of crisis when it comes to war in Syria, which has proved its self as a battleground for all the countries involved in war.

The most effected ones in war are the people living in the war zone. Regardless of how rich or poor they are, people have to leave their houses unattended for undefined time period. For any human being, living their life is prior to spending it in a posh or inelegant manner. And that is what happens to those living in Syria. Every single time the country engages in war, people are left with no option but to move away from war zone as quickly as possible. According to the statistics, by the end of August 2019, 6.5 million Syrians had already been displaced in Syria.

But the question is, where do they all go and in what conditions do they all live? Some, who are wealthy enough, leave the country and move towards a better developed country. But those who can’t afford, end up in different camps that are set up along the border. And they have to face the worst of consequences. With no proper food to eat and not enough water to drink, people are usually left starving on the borders. A 34-years old told Al-Jazeera, “We’re exposed to freezing temperatures without even a heater or fuel to keep us warm. In most places, humanitarian aid and NGOs are nowhere to be found.”

To bring Syrians at peace, there are only two options. Either the war ends, or they die. The rest of time is a restless period for innocent people who have nothing to do with war. Who have no benefits out of it, but mere loss. Especially loss of their own life.

The war between Turkey and Syria has taken a bad turn, and should come to an end. UN should also look in to the matter and help benefit both of the countries, mutually.

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