Red Bull: Can You Make It?

Can you travel across Europe in 7 days with Red Bull as your only currency? If you think you can, then submit your entry today!

Red Bull has always been a synonym for adventure, having fun and adrenaline rush. I’ve seen this brand bring innovative ways to promote itself. This time, they’ve come up with an interesting way to engage with the millennials. This campaign is called Can You Make It? It’s an opportunity of a lifetime where you’ll get to travel across Europe in 7 days.

Few teams from all over the world will be selected for this adventure. They will be flown out to one of the five starting points in Europe. All their belongings such as cash, cards, and phones will be confiscated. The only currency that they will have will be Red Bull. If they need to buy food, they will have to exchange Red Bull for food. Similarly, they will have to exchange Red Bull for rides across Europe. It will be extremely challenging but it’s not a race, it’s all about having fun because it’s an adventure.

Watch an episode from 2018:

You’ll be wondering how to enter and what’s it all about? Well, the process of entering is quite easy and fair. You need to be over 18, enrolled in any university, have an Instagram account and know how to speak and understand English. Those are the basic requirements that will make you eligible to enter. All you need to do is create a team of 3 friends and make a video showing why you should be chosen. You can shoot the video in your desired format but make sure to send your entries to Red Bull.

The video should be interesting and creative. Show who you are and why you should be chosen. All the entries will be uploaded on YouTube and made public altogether. The winner will be chosen on the basis of voting. Whoever gets the most votes will get the chance to have this amazing experience. The last day to enter is Feb 17 and the event begins on April 21. Check out their website to know more about it. Red Bull Can You Make It?

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