President of Turkey, Erdogan, to Arrive in Pakistan

Turkey's President, Tayyib Erdogan, is to arrive in Pakistan today. He will be meeting different business leaders to work on the economy of Pakistan.

To maintain the economy of Pakistan, all countries are coming together on the same page. First it was Thailand and now Turkey is joining hands with Pakistan. President, Tayyib Erdogan, will be landing in Pakistan to meet top-notch business leaders. The two day visit will entirely focus on making Pak-Turkey Economic Relation better than before.

However, with the President, there will be leaders of around 60 organizations coming to Pakistan. Erdogan will also be meeting Imran Khan at HLSCC. akistan-Turkey High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council (HLSCC) is a joint-chaired meeting, headed by one leader from each country, respectively. Due to heavy imposition of taxes on imports in Turkey, the trade gap had increased for Pakistan.

To cover all this, the business leaders from Turkey and Pakistan will sit together, along with the leaders of the country. The discussion would range from trade to transportation, from cultural exchange to tourism and from education to finance and banking.

According to Prime Minister of Pakistan, he would like to involve Turkey in CPEC. “We hope to involve them in using CPEC for further connectivity, and we hope to involve Turkey in this [CPEC]”.

Moreover, According to FO “Pakistan and Turkey have a unique and abiding relationship characterised by mutual support and exceptional mutual trust and understanding. The two brotherly countries have always been each other’s steadfast partners. Turkey supports the cause of self-determination for the people of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir. Pakistan stands by Turkey on the question of Cyprus”.

The initiative would be good, as the Chester Concession Agreement between US & Turkey would end in 2023. Hence, this would result in Turkey owning the Black and Gulf Sea back again. Which for the 100 years was under US’s control.

Hopefully, this would help Pakistan’s economy grow, bringing fruitful ends to economic crisis.

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