Is Daani Juice The New Hot Thing in Town?

Daani International is a beverage brand that has just launched its canned products in the Pakistani market, and they are amazing as any fresh juice.

Who doesn’t love juices? With scorching sun and warm wind, the best thing to cool us down are canned and packed juices. And we go for them, because we trust their quality more than the hawkers on the road. However, we all are quite aware of the fact that these juices are more of chemicals than actual fruits. But what if we actually get pure juices out there in the market? Which are canned for protection and for easy access? Welcome to the world of Daani Juice.

It is an international brand that has opened up their own manufacturing factory in Karachi. They extract essentials from fruits and make pure juice out of them, which is tasty as well as safe to consume. Their  fastest selling items are their canned juices. With actual mango and peach chunks in their Daani Mango Juice and Daani Peach Juice, respectively, one surely does have something different to have. Moreover, they have their Daani Orange Juice with real orange pulp to give taste to their orange juice. All in all, their juices are a benchmark to the juice industry in Pakistan.

Mango – Daani Juice
Orange – Daani Juice
Peach – Daani Juice
Other Packaging:

Moreover, these Juices are also available in other packaging too. They are available in Tetra Packs as well as 200 ml, 250 ml, 285 ml and 500 ml bottles, respectively. These tetra packs are easy to carry around and are feasible to have. As the juice is made up of actual fruits, it also fills up the stomach in case one is hungry. And the exciting part is, that they have other flavors available in these packaging too. There are many other flavors available in tetra pack packaging. The available are Apple, Mango, Pomegranate, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Litchi, Guava and Fruit Punch.




If asked about me specifically, I would keep Daani above all. Their taste, their quality and the standard of their juices is one of the kind. And reasonable price adds up as cherry on top of the cake. So taste it out and let us know if you love it or just like it.