Pakistan Railway Fails to Deliver the Promises

Minister Railway, Shaikh Rasheed, had promised more than he could deliver. And now he has to meet deadlines before he is ruled out of his own ministry.

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Gulzar Ahmed, has summoned Shaikh Rasheed to the court. He questioned him over his performance for the second time. This time, the Court had discussions on several things. The first issue was the shortcomings in the funds to upgrade railways. According to Railway Department, 50% of the train engines are outdated. These engines need to be upgraded. Being summoned, a report was put forward to the court, instead. The report includes bringing foreign investment in the railway department. The department also looks forward towards financial and political support.

Moreover, the court questioned Shaikh Rasheed on the ML-1 project. The ML-1 Project includes a Railway track from Kemari, Karachi – Peshawar Cantt. The tracks will stretch upon 1847 KM. In addition, they will be covering 184 stations on the route. The project had to be completed by 2020, however, it started 14 years ago. The Railway Minister said, he needs some more time. In case he isn’t able to complete the project in time, he will give his resignation.

Furthermore, there had been a discussion on the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR). KCR also should have started by now, but there was a big hindrance in between. Illegal buildings constructed on KCR route. CJP commented, saying “Railway officer allot land to whomever they want to. People are tired of hearing your rhetoric.” He added saying “Being a seasoned politician, your performance should have been the best among the others, but your intuition is crumbling”.

As true as it can be, people are also facing issues in commuting, due to poor railway services. All we can look forward to is a implementable business plan for Pakistan Railway Industry.

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