Is Laal Masjid Incident to Repeat Again?

Maulana Abdul Aziz is quite reluctant on leaving the mosque, and the Government authorities are just agreeing to what he is asking for.

Abdul Aziz had been captured by forces during the Laal Masjid raid. This raid happened on Pervez Musharraf’s orders in July 2007. Abdul Aziz had to leave the Masjid in a burka, but was caught red handed. He was arrested in 2007 but was released 2 years later in 2009. Maulana wasn’t allowed to enter or live in Laal Masjid after this incident. Although, Maulana Abdul Aziz entered Laal Masjid again couple of weeks ago. And he put demands that he had to lead the prayers at the mosque. The security forces weren’t quite happy with it, but no one wanted another Laal Masjid Seige. Hence, they decided to negotiate this time, rather than retaliate.

Negotiations had taken place and Maulana had agreed to leave Laal Masjid. Jamia Hafsa, a madarsa for female students, was erected in 1992 by Maulana Abdullah Ghazi, right in front of Laal Masjid. Nevertheless, after the siege, the school was brought down. The government, after recent negotiations, promised Abdul Aziz to give him 20 Kanals of land for Jamia Hafsa. He had asked for land in H-11 Sector of Islamabad. And had further asked for sometime to leave the mosque, “just like the government had asked”.

The government, on the contrary, allotted land on G.T Road in Tarnol. Abdul Aziz rejected this and demanded land anywhere except this place. Haroon Rasheed, who is Abdul Aziz’s nephew, said that they won’t be leaving this place. However, they would live in a house right in front of Laal Masjid, as to be there and not be in the mosque at the same time.

Well, this is a tense situation as government has done what it could to cater Abdul Aziz and Co. Lets see what happens next in this Laal Masjid case this time.

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